Events SEO — Rank 1!

Check out how we conquered Rank 1s and Rank 2s for over 50 keywords that exposed this events company to more than 10,000 search visitors a month.


Campaign Objective

This business specialises in event planning and management services, from carnivals, dinner and dance, retreats, sports events to special events. Event management is one of the most competitive niche in Singapore. The objective of the campaign is to be ranked Top 3 for specific competitive keywords.


The client engaged an SEO provider in 2015 to 2016 to grow their online presence on Google Search Engine. After a year of progress, the website is still hovering in page 3 and page 4 of Google search results, hardly driving any organic traffic. 

SEO Audit Findings

  • Toxic backlinks detected
  • Low quality, irrelevant backlinks
  • Inconsistent SEO maintenance
  • Poor onsite SEO

Course of Action

We utilised several tools such as Ahrefs, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics to review the past SEO work done and identified several corrective actions required.

Quality of Backlinks

We disavowed toxic backlinks that was preventing the website from being ranked. The low domain authority also resulted from low quality backlinks that were irrelevant to the nature of the business. To build domain authority, we started a backlink outreach strategy and procured natural, relevant high quality backlinks to the website.

On Site Analysis

The website has a relatively poor onsite score as compared to its competitors. Together with information from Google Search Console, we created a sitemap and submitted it to Google. 

Page Structure

We looked into the page structure and re-performed some permalinks to match the keywords and the search intent of the pages. For old permalinks, we conduct a 301 redirect to the new permalinks. We also fixed the robots.txt file that was preventing search crawlers from crawling some important pages.

Content Relevancy

As the campaign progressed, we recommended the client to rewrite some website content that helped in driving greater relevancy with the focus keywords they are targeting in the selected pages.

Protect & Recover from SEO Attacks 

The events industry faces high SEO competition, receiving more than 20,000 active searches monthly for event companies. While the website received negative SEO attack from competitor during our SEO climb, we were able to restore the rankings quickly and stabilised it.

Breakthroughs We Achieved

In a span of 1 year, we conquered the top 5 Spots within 6 months and was ranked 1 Spot by the last quarter of the year. With consistent and progressive SEO efforts, we conquered Rank 1s and Rank 2s for over 50 keywords that are exposed to more than 10,000 search visitors a month.

The exponential increase in website visitors drove plenty of business opportunities and enquiries for their services. The team capitalised on the huge influx of opportunities from SEO and successfully achieve a major breakthrough in their business revenue.

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