Doing SEO for a B2C Company


These days, online advertising and marketing create and sustain corporate brands. That is why every B2C company needs to have a strong digital marketing and advertising strategy. That strategy should include social media, online ads, and most importantly – SEO.

Doing SEO for a B2C Company

The focus of a B2C company is different from a B2B’s. A B2B company focuses on selling to corporate clients. A B2C company, on the other hand, focuses on selling to consumers anything you can find in a department store.

If you are a B2C company, you might want to read this article. Why? Because this is where we tell you how we would do SEO for you. A Singapore SEO company like ours helps B2c companies carry out an SEO campaign that would resonate with your audiences and get them to support your brand.

Understand your business

The first thing that we do is sit down with you to get to know more about your business. We’ll ask you about what industry you’re in, what you offer, your brands, and your market. We will also discuss your business objectives, marketing strategies, and SEO needs.

Know your products and services

We’d like to know what your products and services are, and what makes them unique from their competitors. How is your brand performing vis-a-vis other competitors in the industry? We have to know what your products and services are because these will serve as the basis for your keywords.

Conduct research on the most in-demand keywords

Once we identify what your products and services are, then we begin to look for various relevant keywords. These are the keywords your market usually use to search for your products and services online. As a Singapore SEO agency, this is our way of picking the brains of your consumers without them knowing it. By doing this, we are able to identify which of your products and services are people looking for and have the capacity to rank high.

Check for competitors

The next thing we do is check your industry environment and your competitors. Since you are a B2C company, it’s very likely that you have lots of competition. We won’t be looking at all of them though. We’ll just focus on assessing your top five ranking competitors for certain relevant keywords.

Assess your website SEO

During this stage of the process, we’ll determine what problems you are encountering with your SEO. We’ll also figure out how much work has to be done to be the top-of-mind brand both online and offline.

Develop a strategy

We then proceed to develop a six to twelve-month strategy that will get your B2C company brands on top of the search results page.

Execute and monitor

Once everything is in place, we begin to execute the campaign. We monitor the campaign throughout its rollout, track your website’s progress SEO-wise, and make adjustments if necessary.

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