Defensive SEO after Getting Ranked


Reaching the top rank in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) for your targeted keyword on Google, Bing, or other search engines is an achievement on its own. But defending and maintaining said rank is another battle of its own. Your efforts to do SEO in Singapore will still require continuous study of trends and improving your content.

In this article, we’ll go through some ways to maintain your SEO ranking.

Improving Title and Meta Description

Reaching the #1 rank is a result of the uniqueness of your content. But remember that you’re not the only one aiming for the top spot. Your competitors will use all the strategies at their disposal to get it. That’s why staying up to date with your click-through-rate (CTR) will be crucial. Your webpage’s CTR shows the number of clicks on links you have on your site.

Using tools like the Google Search Console shows the CTR for specific keywords and links on your site. You can track if your CTR for a keyword is either rising or dropping. If it’s dropping over time, there is a risk that your ranking will drop as well.

If it is indeed dropping, find the root cause. A common cause of this is your webpage title might not be updated. Check if it is still relevant and not five years outdated. Keeping the titles fresh and updated is an excellent but often overlooked aspect of SEO.

A tip for updating it is to make it sound natural. Don’t overcrowd it with keywords. Instead, you can focus on the numbers, dates, or tone of words in the title.

Become an Authority in Your Product or Service

For websites looking to do SEO in Singapore, another way to maintain your rank is to make sure that your site is the recognized authority for your product or service in the industry.

If you search from Google right now and type “watch movies online” in the search bar, Netflix will turn up. It’s because their company has established itself over the years as the authority and best place to watch movies legally online. They have taken the time to promote their services through campaigns and excellent content.

If you want to maintain the top rank, you can do it by producing other content on your site related to your product.

Create the content on your product’s history, plans on the product, or other items in your product line. You can also base your other content on surveys to see what information people need. By doing this, you create a wealth of helpful content that will establish your authority on the subject. Google’s algorithm will notice this and will reward your efforts.

Maximize Internal Linking and Backlinking

A simple way to help defend your SEO ranking is to add links to your other content within your site.

You can also collaborate with similar websites in your industry to make backlinks to your sites. Just make sure they are not your direct competitors. In turn, you can also create backlinks on your site for them.

It is also an option to request for your satisfied customers and clients to leave backlinks on their reviews.

Make Use of Social Media

Almost everyone on the internet these days is in one form of social media or another. Simply linking your site to any social media platform can help keep the organic traffic to your site coming.

Just add your page icon buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any prominent social media site so your site visitors can share their experience on your products in an instant. It’s also good to leave prompts at the end of your content page to share your page.

Optimize for Mobile Phones

Google and other search engines now give more premium to sites that are mobile phone interface ready.  The reason for this is that 60% of internet users now browse through their mobile phones.

To help maintain your ranking, make the layout and interface of your site tailored to mobile users. Change the desktop-only features from your site, and make buttons that can easily be tapped when accessed through a mobile phone.

Update Your Website URL from HTTP to HTTPS

To keep users’ minds at ease when visiting your website, switch from “HTTP” to “HTTPS”. This “s” means security and used to be optional when opening a website. But in July 2018, Google had made it so that URLs with “HTTP” are labeled as “Not Secure”. Having this tends to discourage people from visiting your site if it still has “HTTP”. Some browsers might even label your site blocked.

Making this tweak can surely help keep your website’s SEO ranking.


These are just some practical ways you can defend and maintain your SEO ranking at the top. With the continuous improvement of content following these guidelines, you are sure to stay or even improve your rank for years to come.

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