What’s The Difference Between SEO and SEM?

In the simplest of terms, SEM is where you pay Google to put up your business ads instantly in front of your target audience, and you pay every time a potential customer clicks on your ads.

SEO is where you pay an SEO agency like us to work on having your website appear on the first page of search results in the natural organic listings – which, once you’re there, you don’t have to pay for every single visitor clicking to your website – effectively making it cheaper than SEM.

Usually you get lesser clicks from Ads as compared to clickthroughs from organic listings. Plus, you have to pay for every click on your Ad, whereas every click on your organic listings is free (you only pay the monthly SEO fees, which is a flat rate).

Hence SEO is more cost effective in the longer term than SEM. But SEM affords you the instant gratification of having your business exposed to your potential target audience from Day 1.