What is Backlink in SEO?


If you happen to hunting in search for SEO services in Singapore, you will more likely to encounter the most common jargon in the SEO industry – Backlinks. These may be present in the SEO strategy presentations or service brochure or company slide decks by the various SEO vendors you’re trying to shortlist in Singapore.

encounter the word backlinks in most of the service brochure and presentations by various SEO vendors in Singapore. So what is backlink and why are they so important? How do they contributes to website and marketing strategy? Backlink is essentially a chain link of website referrals from one site to another. Because of this referrals, they are quite important and are usually used to promote your site ranking towards the search engine system. In the eye of the system, the more referrals you have, the more credible you are. Search engine tend to reward site that are credible with higher rankings.

Hence, for most people, the next logical choice seems to be getting as much backlinks as possible to link your website to get higher ranking. In reality, SEO process is not simple. In SEO, nothing is constant and perpetual. What might work today may not work tomorrow as search engine are constantly updating their search algorithm. Just like you having an objective of getting more traffic, search engine has the objective of serving quality contents to users.

The way how backlink works today for SEO services in Singapore has changed much compared to a few years ago. Previously, SEO process revolves around getting and pushing as many backlinks to your website as possible but this has been rendered obsolete since search engine has become smarter. Continuous update from time to time to the search engine algorithm has prevented such abuse from happening. What seems to work like magic no longer applies in the new update. Much has changed in the industry landscape. Today, backlinks are just part of the formula in the search engine system.

To stay relevant in today’s best SEO practices, agencies need to do more. Instead of going for quantities, agencies must go for qualitative measurement of the backlinks. Referrals from non-relevant sites or parties are no longer counted as relevant by the system. On top of that, you may face the wrath of the search engine if you’re getting too much crappy referrals to your site. Hence, it is fine to do with less but good referrals rather than abundance of crappy referrals that may end up demoting your site.

Advantages of Quality Backlinks

Improves Ranking

Common fact for those who are new to the SEO industry – backlinks help in establishing a foothold for your website in getting better ranking from your favorite search engine system. The more referrals your site is getting from credible and trusted source, the higher the ranking reward towards your site. This is due to the fact that your site is providing useful contents that are unique to the niche of your site in the eye of the system.

Better and Faster Indexing

A well structured website with proper backlinks help search engine crawlers to automatically discover your website and provide relevancy so your website can rank higher in the search engine. Sitemaps are usually used to enable better crawling ability. There are also various other strategies such as optimising your website headings or tags better to provide better understanding to the search engine crawlers. Crawlers are after all machines and they search for specific tags.

More Traffic

As with the purpose of engaging SEO services in Singapore, the ultimate goal is to improve the amount of visiting traffics to your website. Backlinks help to generate more referral traffic from credible site and this helps with establishing your website credibility in the eye of the search engine.


In conclusion, you need to pay more attention to the SEO strategy employed by the vendors when searching for SEO services in Singapore. A mistake or an overlook is all it takes to demote your site ranking. Recovery takes time, sometimes too long. Prevention is better than cure so make sure to ask about the backlinking strategy employed by your SEO agencies to prevent such incident.

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