Useful SEO Tip: Create Your Free Google Business Listing


Setting up your Google My Business page is the first step in Local Search Optimization, and should be a high priority for all businesses hoping to be found online.

Just starting out online? You’ll want to create your business listing on Google My Business page as soon as possible. The platform will help your business with search engine optimization, and is crucial if you want to be visible in local search results.

On the other hand, if you have an established family business and haven’t claimed your business yet, you should do so. This way, you can ensure your business will be represented accurately.

Note: You need a physical address to create your business listing.

How to Create My Google Business Listing?

  • Go to Google My Business page and click Start Now. If you haven’t, you will be prompted to login to your email.
  • Enter Name of Your Business, the physical address, and all the other details.
  • If the listing already exists, Google will tell you about it. Either way, check the box that asks if you are authorized to manage the business.
  • You will be asked how you’d like to verify your business. If you have the option to verify via phone, do so as it’s quicker. Otherwise the default is by postal mail, which can take a few days to weeks.
  • You can continue editing more details about your business, such as the operation time, and adding photos. Also make sure the details listed are correct.
  • Once you receive your verification code, do verify your business listing by logging in to Google My Business again.

Do I Need to Maintain My Listing?

Google will check multiple sources to get an accurate information about your business, so make sure everything is consistent. If your Google listing states you are open at eight, and another site says nine, it will confuse Google and impact your local listing ranking.

Tips: Ensure your details are up-to-date (previously you might not have accepted credit cards, or you may have a different operating hours than before). Make sure these details are correct too in business listing or review sites like Yelp.

Create your own listing on these sites if it did not exist yet, and put the correct info with a link to your website. That way, you have the most control over what information is shown to your potential customers.

Creating a Google business listing using a Google My Business account means that your business will show up when people are searching for your business on Search, Maps and Google+. It is one of the very first step we employ when we help our SEO clients as without a business listing, ranking will be much more difficult.

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