Small Vs. Large Digital Marketing Companies


According to research, more than 80% of people searching for a product or service start by going online. Even if you sell a product or service that people are exactly looking for, it won’t matter if you’re not on the top pages of Google’s search engine. Instead, your competitors who are already gaining business will get even more business, leaving you in the dust. This is where SEO comes into play.

Large Companies

Theoretically, the larger the company, the larger their revenue stream is. This means they’ll have the resources for all types of marketing needs. Large companies generally have teams, lots of them. For example, a larger company would have a group of web developers for web creation. They will unsurprisingly harbor SEO experts, those who improve your actual ranking. Then, there are conversion optimisation specialists who motivate customers to actually follow through with the transaction. Larger companies even employ data analysts, those that demonstrate how everything is interconnected. Obviously, it’s beneficial to those who’re looking for a full-service agency. In essence, individuals or cohorts who are looking to build a massive website would generally prefer larger companies.


Small Companies

Small digital marketing companies are, of course, experts in their respective fields as well, they just might not have the same number of manpower as a larger company would. Despite large companies having large resources, it’s universally acknowledged that you won’t receive the same level of customer service from a large company. Small companies are a lot more attentive. They pay the utmost attention to what you, the client wants. When contracting with a large company, often times, you’ll be assigned to an account manager who is supposed to be of guidance whenever you need it. However, that account manager could be overseeing tens of projects, and in essence, you won’t be his or her number one priority because there are others who are asking a lot more questions in a time of concern, if not more. Not that the amount of questions equates prioritization, it just means that there’ll be less time spent on you, personally. If you value responsiveness and actual conversations, a smaller digital marketing company is most likely what you should be in contact with.

Large Companies Generally Cost More 

However, it’s important to note, larger companies cost more, this is because they operate just like any other company. They need to pay the employees’ salary and benefits. Operating expenses obviously aren’t cheap either, especially if you’re operating a large office. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. If you’re an individual who is serious about web creation, you’d probably be better off with smaller companies.

Smaller Companies Are Flexible

Did you need to make a small grammatical change in your website? Or would you like to call the company to get information on something that has drawn your attention? If you have hired a larger digital marketing company before, you have probably noticed that they are not as willing to work with your requests and concerns as much as a smaller company would. The reason is quite obvious. Smaller companies don’t have the same amount of clients as a large company does. Therefore, they value their clients and genuinely interact with them a lot more. Even a small change can make or break a relationship with a client. Making sure clients are happy is a small company’s number one priority. If you’ve just started creating a website, you will probably want that interaction because you won’t be decisive about your wants and needs.

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