SEO Trends That Will Become Big in Five to 10 Years


Google’s mobile-first indexing is one of the many predicted digital marketing and SEO trends that came true. Mobile-first indexing refers to the process of giving websites that can function intuitively and dynamically on mobile phones. Brands and businesses now have to redesign their SEO strategy to respond to this development.

This didn’t happen in a vacuum though. Google has been working on this strategy for a while, beginning in 2015 when they rolled out their mobile-first algorithm.

As technology advances at a rapid pace, so do the numbers of digital marketing predictions increase. Here are just some current SEO trends that experts predict will become bigger in five to 10 years.

SEO Trends that will become big in the future


The internet is fraught with dubious data, more so now with fake news becoming a real problem worldwide. Last year, Google released a fact-checking feature, to curb the growth of fake news. Also, people are now more wary and vigilant of what they’re watching and reading online and on print. Because of this, SEO marketers should be more meticulous by creating valid content that will pass Google’s fact-checker. Creating content using arbitrary statements will no longer appeal to the public.

With Google fact-checking websites now, it will be harder for black hat SEO marketers to carry on what they’re doing.

Video Content

Content comes in various forms, and in the future your SEO strategy needs to include data from these sources.

Most SEO focuses on articles, metadata and image tags. As social video marketing is becoming more powerful, your strategy should include other forms of media that mirror the preferences and behavior of prospective audiences.

Voice Search

Voice search has been expanding and revolutionizing the way that we do things. There are approximately one billion voice searches daily. Additionally, nine million smart speakers were sold in the first quarter of 2018.

With more people using voice and mobile search, you need to adapt your strategy to respond to these trends. Your SEO content strategy should include keywords and topics that people usually look for.

Creating a Responsive User Experience Through AI

Optimizing a website for search by working on its structure and design is not something new. Today, an optimized website is one that can respond to developing trends. Beyond metrics, we should look at what artificial intelligence systems find on how people interact with websites. It’s not anymore just about content and keywords, but also user behavior. Taking all these factors into consideration will help you create a better and more responsive user experience. Most importantly, creating an optimal experience is a brilliant way for you to position your brand about your competitors.

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