SEO Myths Busted for 2018


“Focus only on content, not SEO”

While content marketing is very important, it is not the only thing that keeps your rankings high. The algorithm for ranking high on organic searches change all the time; knowing SEO techniques to ensure you beat some of that is of utmost importance. Other than depending on organic searches, many businesses rely on pay-per-click, paid Facebook ads, or display ads on other websites. Investing some capital focusing on SEO goes a long way, in the long term. You can ask any SEO consultant in Singapore and they will probably give you the same advice.

“Link building is a thing of the past”

Link building today might be very different from what it was like in the past, but link building is definitely not a thing of the past. Links are still a huge part of how Google decides what sites to show on the first page. Backlinks help to build credibility for your site, but getting good backlinks is not cheap or free. However, it is worth the investment unless you are trying to rank for an extremely low-competition keyword.

“Link building alone is enough, who needs more content?”

While in the previous point we touched on the importance of link building, we need to understand that we need to provide good content for people to link to. You really do need to put time and effort into content creation. Quality of the backlinks, rather than the quantity or anything else, is prioritised by Google.

“The more pages, the better my ranking”

Always remember, quality is better than quantity. This hold true for SEO as well. There is an emphasis on creating more (good quality) content with more keywords for your website, but only create pages which add value to your website. Google favours websites which get new content and are frequently updated, and this is where blogs come into use. Blog posts containing your target keywords and quality content will help in this aspect without creating clutter

“There is no need to optimise images”

An image you are embedding on your website can be optimised for SEO by an alt tag. It is an HTML attribute, and it is what search engines will see, since they are not able to view pictures like a human would.

Adding alt tags to your images is fairly simple, especially if you are using WordPress.

“Optimising for mobile or speed is the least of my concerns”

Google actually takes into account your optimisation for mobile. If your site is not mobile friendly, it could be harmful for your SEO.

We have to remember that most of the time nowadays people are using their smartphones and tablets to search the web. Everyone you meet anywhere have their heads buried in their phones, be it public transport, restaurants, toilet, and the list goes on. This might be a positive thing for us as they are now searching for things more often than ever. It is up to you to capture this market and make sure your website is optimised such that they are able to view it on the small screens of their phones fast without any problems.

If you are doubtful about your website’s mobile friendliness, Google offers a mobile friendly test tool that can help you figure out whether your website qualifies as “mobile friendly.”

Google also expects your website to load in under three seconds. To check for your website loading speed, google has a test for that as well.

“SEO services are a scam”

Sure, there are bad SEO services out there. Those that sound too good to be true, for example those who promise to make you number one in ranking in a short time for a couple of hundred dollars, those are definitely flukes. We have to remember in every industry there are those black sheep who give the legitimate and hardworking ones in the same industry a bad name.

SEO takes time and helps you achieve the long-term goals for your business. Real SEO services in Singapore will give you a very realistic view of what the future will look like, and what they are going to do for you to make it happen. It will definitely not be a service where you just place some money in, sit back and watch your rankings soar in a matter of minutes. They will also give you a very realistic price and you can also check for the pricing for SEO in Singapore on such companies’ websites.

Hope we managed to bust some SEO myths for you, and with a greater understanding of current SEO trends and clearing the misunderstandings, you are a little bit more equipped to up your ranking. But do remember, there are always people who can help.

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