Marketing That Consumers Want to See


Have you ever wondered what kind of marketing consumers want to see? Have you ever tried implementing a marketing campaign but no one seems to be buying? Have you ever taken the time and effort to come up with interesting content for your social media or website but still, no one seems to be interested in it? These are just some questions you may ask an SEO agency in Singapore to help you with your marketing content.

Knowing and understanding what your customers want to see from your website or social media pages would be a great help in potential conversion to sales. So, before you push that Publish button, take time to know your consumers and what could possibly catch their attention.

Think like a customer, not a marketer.

Put yourself in their shoes. As a consumer, what would make you stop, take a minute and read a certain post? What would potentially convince you to purchase their product or avail of their service?

Now, what marketing do consumers exactly want to see?

Consumers look for value. When they see content that adds value, they would easily decide that it is worth their time. What are the things that could add value? Let me show you examples of the type of marketing content that are highly valuable.

1. Informative Content

Even simple things that you know about your industry can blow your readers’ minds. An informative type of content can be valuable to your consumers because it supplies them with the knowledge they do not usually have access to. It strengthens your authority and credibility in your industry. Since you shared content that brings value, you are going to be considered a trusted source of industry-related information that they would keep coming back to.

How would you post informative content? Here are some ways to provide reader-friendly content filled with information that is easy to digest:

– How-to videos or article

– Infographics

– Frequently Asked Questions

– Tutorials

– Listicles

2. Entertaining Content

Who doesn’t appreciate a good laugh? Any video or post that produces positive energy to its audience definitely brings value. After all, even though your social media pages or YouTube channels are meant to generate income, no one would want to see sales pitches all the time. Instead of converting your audience into customers, you may only drive them away. 

Just like when you are in a store and a salesman keeps explaining the features and benefits of the product. You don’t get to relate well to them and this information overload may even bore you. While sharing information adds value, too much of it may diminish that value.

What are some examples of entertaining content you may contribute to your marketing campaign?

– Funny stories and videos

– Contests and quizzes

– Giveaways and raffles

– GIFs

3. Personal Touch

The best way for your audience to get a glimpse of your company is by sharing your personality and culture. Show some personal touch in your posts.

Imagine from a reader’s point of view, how would you achieve some sort of valuable connection with a certain brand? By knowing more about the people and the company behind the brand. What is their company’s culture? What do they stand for? How do they treat their employees?

Business websites may be limited to more serious business matters. Social media platforms, on the other hand, are the best place to share what’s inside the company and let people see your good company culture.

What are some examples of posts that can give a valuable personal touch to the audience?

– Employee features (an employee of the month, the top seller of the month, etc.)

– Company events (company anniversary, Founder’s Day, conventions and seminars, etc.)

– Holiday contests (Halloween makeup or design contest, Christmas caroling contest, etc.)

– Business behind-the-scenes (actual photos of employees at work, project execution steps, etc.)

– Consumer engagement (polls, questions, surveys, any interactive content)

A business page or website that is full of promotional posts may drive your audience away. These posts can be boring as they may not always add value to the consumers. Seeing nothing but a sales pitch may even cause the consumers to trust your business less. Is their only intention to generate sales? Do they not care about us, their potential customers?

This is why it is crucial to know the perfect mix of content for your marketing campaign on your social media or websites. An effective rule would be to follow the 80-20 rule. This means, 80 percent of your social media post should be informative, entertaining, and have a personal touch. The other 20 percent would be reserved for your selling efforts and promotional campaign.

When looking to hire an SEO agency in Singapore, make sure to ask them about what kind of marketing content would they optimize for your page. Always go for the agency that can bring value to your company and your consumers.

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