Korean Plastic Surgery SEO

Experience strong competition and falling rankings? Check out this korean plastic surgery clinic has over 75% rankings regained Top 5 rankings on Page 1 across 5 countries in a year.


Campaign Objective

The client is a high-end cosmetic surgery clinic in South Korea, specialising in Korean Plastic Surgery. The campaign objective is to dominate the industry by being on the Top results of Page 1, increase organic traffic visits and increase enquiries and sales conversions.

Website History

Over the past few years, the industry has become increasingly competitive with small surgery clinics overtaking them in Google search rankings. Their ranking has slowly slipped from page 1 to page 4 and 5 in Google search results for most of the keywords. They want to know what can be done and how they can dominate the search results back.

Issues Holding The Website Back

  • Ranked low on 1st page for target keywords
  • Smaller competition beating them on 1st page
  • Low domain authority due to lack of backlinks

Course of Action

The first thing we did was to look into the onsite aspect of the website. We identified several key factors on the website that are preventing it from ranking on the first page. We then looked into the data and information available in Google Search Console and Analytics to determine the customer journey on the website. Based on the information available from the tools and our onsite analysis, we made some adjustments to the website to fix crawling issues as well as broken links.

Looking to be ranked for five countries, we looked into the competition level across the countries and studied the competitors’ websites that are currently highly ranked in Google search results. From here, we then looked into the client’s website history and found that the website has low domain authority. Hence, we kickstarted backlink outreach to prominent sites that are based on the targeted countries to increase relevance and authority to our client’s website.

Breakthroughs Achieved

Within a span of 6 months, we achieved significant ranking improvements. Out of the 100 keywords tracked, 75% of keywords attained Top 5 rankings on Page 1 of Google search results in the five targeted countries. Over the next 6 months, 99% of the keywords tracked improved to Top 10 in all of the five countries, with an average overall position of 6.6. This was a major success for us as the keywords are extremely competitive in nature.

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