How We Do SEO for a Local Singaporean Business


Doing local business SEO is something we do a lot. Since we are a Singapore SEO company, many local businesses come to us to ask for help on their digital marketing strategies. We do SEO for local businesses in many industries, including food & beverage, fashion, events.

If you are a local business that wants to get more clients using SEO, you’ve come to the right Singapore SEO agency. In this article, we tell you how we, Nightowl SEO, usually do SEO for local Singaporean businesses like yours.

How we do local business SEO for Singaporean companies

We begin by understanding what your business’ unique selling proposition (USP) is.

Singapore is a small country, and easy to get around in. Industries are pretty tight-knit, and competition is tight. As an economically-advanced nation, we also get to experience trends first. Given the market, what do you have that will appeal to fellow Singaporeans? What is it that consumer void that your business can fill?

Then, we determine if your business has a customer-facing physical front.

Does your business have physical stores, online presence, or both? If you have a physical store, can we find it on map listings? If not, then we’ll help you create a map listing for it.

The next thing we do is a keyword demand research.

Keyword demand research refers to the process of looking for keywords that we will use in your SEO strategy. Using special tools, we look which of your products and services have high search demand and are easily rankable.

Our fourth step is a location-based keyword search.

We only perform this step if we think it is necessary and relevant. What differentiates local business SEO is that it looks a lot at your location: from your storefront to your ranking in map listings. Examples of location keywords are “Yoga Studio along Orchard Road”, or “Gentleman’s Grooming Shop on Geylang”.

After conducting a keyword search, we will now look at the competition.

Here, we identify who your five top local competitors are in terms of search results and map listings. If you’re offering something completely novel, then chances are you have no competitors!

We conduct an assessment of your current local business SEO strategy.

Then, we conduct an assessment on the basis of our research findings and competition scan. Our findings will help us determine how much work needs to be done to be on top online and on Singaporeans’ minds.

Then we develop a new strategy or improve the one you have.

We plan a new strategy based on our assessment which will take around six to 12 months to implement.

Finally, we roll out the new plan!

The final step is when we begin wowing online audiences. During the implementation period, we will regularly track your progress and adjust the plan accordingly. At the end of six or 12 months, we look at where our strategy has taken you.

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