How We Do Restaurant SEO for Dining Establishments


Restaurant SEO is important for any dining establishment. Having a strong online presence can help you fill up your tables. And if you satisfy customers, they’ll make the effort to promote you both online and offline.

If you want to improve your restaurant SEO, NightOwl SEO is here to help you out. We are a Singapore SEO agency with experience in helping a barbecue catering business achieve exponential growth. Here are the steps that we usually take in doing SEO for our clients in the food & beverage industry.

How we do Restaurant SEO

First, we begin by understanding your restaurant unique selling potential (USP).

Upon meeting, we ask you about your business and what drives diners to your place. Your USP tells us about your value and edge over the competition. It also tells us about who your market is and what their preferences are.

You can define your USP beyond the food you serve. Your USP may also pertain to your location, restaurant name, decor, or unique way of serving your customers.

Then, we get to know more about your products.

Your products pertain to the menu items you serve. During this step of the process, we learn which menu items are new, best-sellers, and those that aren’t getting much attention. Knowing your bestselling products gives us a clue as to what keywords we’ll be including in your SEO strategy.

After which, we do keyword demand research.

Keywords are terms that prospect customers use to search for restaurants. They come in the form of single words or phrases. Using unique online tools, we determine which of your menu items are on-demand yet can rank easily.

We will do a location-based keyword demand research as a fourth step.

Restaurant SEO is special because it takes location into consideration. During this step, we determine what high-demand location-based keywords you can easily rank for, like “halal food in the SF Bay Area”.

The next step we do is analyze the competition.

After conducting thorough keyword demand research, we will analyze your competitors. They may be your competitors for menu items, location, or both. We identify your five top competitors, both on search engines and online map listings.

Then, it’s time for us to assess.

In this step, assess how much work needs to be done to get you to the top of the search and map results pages, and on top of diners’ minds. We base our assessment on your current ranking and competitors. We also include your volume of high-ranking in-demand keywords in our assessment.

Time to create your restaurant SEO strategy.

We create a six-to-twelve month strategy based on our assessment and your available budget. The strategy will cover both search results and local online map listings.

The last step is execution.

Finally we roll out our SEO strategic plan. During this phase, we will regularly track your website’s ranking progress and make necessary adjustments if necessary.

Contact Nightowl SEO, a Singapore SEO company for all your restaurant SEO needs.

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