How to Determine Best SEO budget in Singapore?


We often gets question from our client on how much they should budget for their search engine optimisation campaign (SEO) for the year. This is of course a very legit question but if you’re just starting out SEO for the first time then this article may not be suitable for you. However if you’re wondering on the pricing of SEO services in Singapore then you’re at the right place.

Budget Allocation for SEO

It goes without saying the first thing you should do with a marketing budget is to first have a goal and objective on what you plan to achieve. This obviously means looking at the big picture of your digital strategy and marketing campaign. From here, you will need to work out a percentage of your marketing budget for each digital marketing channel, SEO included.

Many have asked how to make sure the appropriate budget is allocated for SEO? Well, to gauge on this you’ll need to first calculate the returns from the influx of traffic from successful SEO campaigns. From here, it will be easy to figure out the value of returns on investment made, which should be sufficient to give you an idea on how much budget should be allocated.

You should also assess the current search engine ranking of your website, especially on your business. New businesses tend to spend more on creating meaningful and quality contents to ramp up online presence. Old businesses often have a lot of contents but suffers from technical issues plaguing their website that prevents them from ranking highly in search engine. Companies suffering from technical issues should devote more of their budget to fix these issues, improve user experience and optimise their page further, which can improve their search engine rankings.

When shopping and browsing for the pricing of SEO services in Singapore, do check if these are included in the price. Some SEO agencies include them in an overall package.

Should I hire an SEO Agency?

Many businesses often question on the need to hire a specialised SEO agency to improve their search engine ranking. This is often recommended because most work involving SEO are highly specialised. Many of these agencies have extensive experience in SEO processes which could help to achieve your marketing goals for 2019.

In conclusion, depending on the size of your website and company, SEO agencies might expect to devote between 10 hours to 75 hours every month to SEO efforts to improve the search ranking of your website. Based on the pricing of SEO services in Singapore, you can expect to spend somewhere in region of S$700 to S$2,000 a month to improve your website ranking significantly. Do check out their portfolio when shopping for SEO services and see if they have experience in handling and improving clients similar to your industry.

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