How SEO in Singapore Is Dealing with Ranking Fluctuations


Is this you? Heart rate is fluttering at a great speed per minute whenever ranking fluctuations occur? Here’s why you should keep your cool and when you should be concerned when experiencing ranking fluctuations in your SEO in Singapore.

Many of you might be monitoring your ranking in Google every day, some do it weekly or monthly. There’s no problem if you are way up in the SERP rankings, balancing from spots 1 to 3.  You are still up there, so there should be no worries.

But, a cause of concern would be when you land in a position lower than 3 and slowly start to slide to numbers 4, 5, 6….. Sooner or later, you find yourself in the 20th spot and still going down. Suddenly you are no longer on the first page. For those in the know, these fluctuations actually happen – and they happen a lot.

SERP fluctuations are the actual culprit. You hardly stay in your number 1, 2, or 3 positions for an extended period of time like weeks or months. There are a lucky few who get to stay on top longer, but whatever it is, they must be doing something right. Perhaps, they just happen to be the news of the hour.

At any rate, let’s not focus on what you did wrong, but rather what you should do next. Here’s how to deal with your ranking fluctuations:

Keep Calm and Move on.

Don’t lose your cool on your SEO team or change tactics immediately. Fluctuations are normal.  Remember, you are not doing something wrong. At the very least, it is the SERP.

Count the Weeks, Not the Days.

Don’t give yourself a headache by checking your ranking daily. Consider changing your checking schedule from days to weeks. Checking your ranking on a monthly basis will give you a better grasp of your site’s performance, and how you fare against your competitors.

Comparing with Your Competitors.

It is a good strategy to compare your ranking with your competitors. If they are not fluctuating as much, then as the news of the hour, they must be doing something good with their SEO approach. But if their ranking is bouncing all around, then you should not worry as it is the search engine that has a problem. Not you.

Check Your Site’s Traffic.

Checking your ranking on a different device may show results different from what your users are used to seeing. It is good practice to check on your website’s traffic instead of just relying on Moz, SEMrush, or Ahrefs rank trackers.

These may employ an impersonalized, non-geographical-based system, although partiality may still be present in these rank trackers. In your site’s traffic, if you have a consistent influx of visitors, then you have nothing to worry about because it means your site is still visible and searchable.

Know When You Should Be Worried about Sudden Drops.

Fluctuations that start from the 2 to 4 spots are expected and are not a cause of alarm for everyone. Should you experience sudden drops in ranking within weeks, then that is something to investigate.

Have you been penalized by Google? Were some links undervalued? Check your site for some problems, as well as all those that have been mentioned. Staying in a lower rank means a drop as well in visitors or potential customers for your site and business.

Google Is the End All and Be All.

Google algorithm changes every day. It doesn’t matter what you do as everything is dependent on Google’s decision on ranking. Google’s ranking is not predictable but it can be anticipated. It doesn’t matter what you have done in the past because what matters is what you do next. One thing is, you should practice good, white-hat SEO tactics and you can brush up on Moz articles that track Google changes.

Good SEO in Singapore anticipates sudden changes in ranking. It is something you have to prepare for. Know that you are not the only one who is looking to rank for a certain keyword as your competitors are after the same results, after all. Many people easily give up on the SERP ranking, but nothing can be gained without hard work.

Never get affected by site ranking fluctuations, and the last thing that you should do is panic. You now know that Google rankings fluctuate all the time, so don’t let it affect you. The ranking is an integral part of SEO, and whenever you encounter fluctuations, the tips here should prove useful. You won’t get lost.

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