Engaging A Local VS Foreign SEO Agency For Your Singapore Business


In our experience, as a Singapore SEO company, mentioning the word SEO alone has harnessed a bad taste of reputation among business owners due to poor experience or returns. This is often a result of poor execution on their SEO campaign that usually promises top spots over the competitors for very little time. Outsourced SEO work to overseas companies usually deliver the poor result as they have little to no understanding of how the local businesses function and the impact of governing laws surrounding the business.

In Singapore, our local business environment is very competitive akin to a dog eat dog world of business. Therefore, businesses in Singapore need to depend on getting consistently high quality leads to ensure the survival of the business. It is without a doubt then, that SEO services in Singapore are perhaps one of the best investment to do so, considering SEO is the only tool that can deliver huge inflow of leads or prospects to local Singapore business.

Here is a list of the top five reasons why you should invest in SEO services in Singapore and why it will help you push forward your business to the next level:

SEO always delivery consistently high ROI for your business

Paid advertisements such as Adwords, Facebook marketing or Instagram Ads usually delivers instant returns to your business in proportion to the value you invested in the ads. But if you look hard into the facts surrounding the pricing for SEO services in Singapore, it comes without the realization that nothing can beat SEO when it comes to delivering high quality of leads at a lower cost consistently.

SEO will be around for a long time

It has been almost two decades since the introduction of SEO and it has been around since then. It will not be going away anytime soon. SEO has changed in the two decades but the core requirement of SEO remains the same. For a successful SEO campaign in our experience as an SEO consultant in Singapore, we need quality contents, backlinks and design that will be becoming more critical in the coming years. Successful businesses that recognize the value of SEO services in Singapore will continue to update their website with the latest design and SEO techniques so they can continue to benefit from the power of SEO alone.

You’re not alone. Your competitors are benefiting from it.

It was once said that in a business environment when a competitor exists, the business idea is valid. Unless your business is a monopolistic business, you are likely to face intense competition in the market from the competitors trying to gain into your business market share. From our experience as a Singapore SEO company, many of our prospects impression is that the end goal of any SEO campaigns by us to get into the top spot and end there. It is no surprise considering that the first top three spots dominate 90% of the internet traffic.

However, this is a wrong assumption. It is hard to get into the top spot, especially when your competitors are doing SEO but in our experience, as an SEO consultant in Singapore, it requires more work to maintain that top position so that businesses can continue to stay in front of their competition.

Be the Market Leader

More often than not, business often comes to experience the most powerful marketing method in any businesses – the power of networking or word of mouth. This is because the chances of closing the deal from such lead are higher. For this to be completely effective, however, businesses need to have a powerful presence in the online world. This means investing in the website and proper SEO services in Singapore or Singapore SEO company that understands the local market better.

The justification for saying so is when a prospect or referral from others connect to your business, they are more likely to search online to compare among your business competitors. Some say, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and this idiom is, without doubt, applies to all your prospects, be it in the products or services category. People still judge based on appearances and social validation that they purchase the right product or services and we always know that businesses that rank well in Google achieve this sort of worthiness.

Compete against Established Brands on Equal Grounds

If you’re just starting your business today, you are more likely to face with a competition with deep pockets that have huge budgets to advertise on paid media. This includes paid digital marketing, television, radio stations, newspaper or other conventional medias. Hence, investing SEO services in Singapore is becoming more crucial.

It is impossible to compete against big companies head-on using traditional media. This is why it’s more the reason to engage a professional SEO consultant in Singapore with a deep understanding of the local Singapore market to come up with unique SEO strategies to compete against big companies in the Singapore market. One of the example strategy we use at Nightowl, a Singapore SEO company for our local small client, is to come up with a robust SEO campaign that targets long tail keywords (long search phrase such as “Where to get my suit tailored in Bedok”) that often rank higher in search result compared to established brand in Singapore.

In conclusion, investing in SEO services in Singapore should be your first priority towards a sustained, consistent growth strategy in your company. It is without a doubt, one of the best tools you can employ under your belt to compete on the already fierce local Singapore market. Engaging a professional SEO consultant in Singapore with a deep understanding of the local market will fare better against the many SEO companies overseas. Before engaging on any paid traditional advertisements, consider checking out the local pricing for SEO services in Singapore and you will see why SEO will become the top priority in your marketing strategy.

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