A Glimpse About NightOwl

We exist to solve business challenges. Be it SEO, SEM, Google Analytics or Display banner, our Search Engine expert will deep dive and connect the dots for you.

Get to Know Us

We are a specialised team made up of internet marketers & SEO ninjas, who have been dabbling with digital for more than 10 years. In 2013, we decided to incorporate the things we do into an actual agency that specialises mainly in SEO.

In the past 7 years, we have advised and taken many local SMEs and MNCs from zero or little online presence, to more than 100,000 of yearly web visitors, driving business opportunities from digital that surpassed the sales from traditional offline sales and marketing efforts.

A key reason why clients stick with us for a very long term, is because we don't have sales people in our team. You speak to the actual SEO ninjas doing the ground work, who can give you concrete technical advice and support, rather than a sales pitch. As a result, we hold many genuine friendships with our clients.


Cups Of Coffee To Get Us Through Our Busy Day


Macbooks To Tackle Business Challenges


Lightsabers To Fight Off Enemies


Darth Vader To Win In SEO

We Commit To Your Success

Let's Collaborate

As technical people who enjoy the challenge of solving problems, we don't like to spend time on pitching, presenting, long proposals. Getting you from page 10 to rank 1 excites us. Beating the search algorithms, polishing our art give us a sugar-rush.

Therefore we see sales as opportunities for collaboration. You know your stuff, we know our stuff. Put them together and we make wonders out of it. No lengthly and boring pitching, long slide decks and long proposals. We go straight to the point, work on the budget, execute the strategy and get the results in.

During this process, we talk over food, beers, share and learn business experiences with one another. And that's just what we really do.





Our Owls

We ain't a mass market company that goes around with salesman on sales commission. Clients' get to speak to real people on the ground.

We keep our team lean and focus, build great relationships, share stupid ideas, make new friends in business and more.

We love to entertain new possibilities of doing things differently, enjoy the process of solving challenging situations, and turning visions into reality.















Local Events & Training

Singapore Institute Of Retail Studies

We regularly consult retailers at the Singapore Institute Of Retail Studies, for some of the funded retail transformation programmes.

1 Day SEO Workshops

We conduct a 1 day introductory SEO workshops for retailers on a monthly basis at the Singapore Institute Of Retail Studies

Singapore Productivity Center

We regularly consult SMEs at the Singapore Productivity Center, for some of the funded digital transformation programmes.

Seamless Asia 2017

We participated and were a guest speaker at Seamless Asia 2017, where retailers come together to understand the world of eCommerce.

Google Business Groups Singapore

We guest-speak about the Google Search Engine, and how SMEs can grow their business through Search Marketing.

1 Day Corporate Trainings

We partnered with the Singapore Institute Of Retail Studies, to do 1 day on-site corporate trainings to the business and marketing teams of SMEs.

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We serve both local and overseas clients. The humans in our team are awake Mondays to Fridays, 9:00AM - 6:00PM (GMT +8). They hibernate on weekends and public holidays. Our SEO link building and rank tracking "owls" though, they work 24/7/365. Say hello to us at hello@nightowl.sg!

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